Teamwork in a Big Japanese Company

Working with other people is a necessary part of life. If you were born in a hos…

At the end of any interview, you always get asked that same old question..

Do you have any questions?

Would you…
a) ask some questions
b) ask nothing

The might answer might be a no-brainer at this point. There answer is A!

Point: Ask Questions!!

Follow along while watching the video!
Subtitles in Japanese and English are available. How to turn on captions

Have about two questions ready! You can ask anything from the current projects the company is working on to the characteristics of a successful person working there.

Asking no questions can be the worst way to end an interview. It can look like you aren’t very interesting in the company, as shown below.


Although you honestly may have no questions, it’ll be better to have some to ask!

Congratulations! You made it! 

Interviews in Japan can sound intimidating, but it’s not that bad as long as you get the basics down.

We hope you enjoyed this short series and wish you all the luck in your future job hunts!

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